History Press Happenings: November Edition

History Press Happenings: November Edition

We’ve moved!

The new headquarters are just a couple of blocks from our previous location, but our mailman will tell you it makes a world of difference. Some of us might have driven to the old office in early-morning moments of autopilot, but for the most part you’ll find us at the following location:

645 Meeting Street, Suite 200, Charleston, SC, 29403

New series SALE

The History Press is pleased to introduce American Palate, a series of local and regional titles celebrating the rich heritage of distinctive tastes and appetites in communities from coast to coast. These books explore the quintessential expression of American cuisine—a delectable blend of ingredients and techniques rooted in a diverse landscape. Food, wine and beer aficionados will appreciate these books for their complex layers of knowledge, while casual food lovers will revel in the recipes, nostalgia and flavorful anecdotes.

Through settlement, wartime, growth and hardship, Americans have always cherished good meals shared with good company. That proud tradition is the spirit of American Palate.

Click here for a limited-time discount on all American Palate titles!

Bourbon chocolate chunk pecan pie at Greenhouse Grille in Fayetteville. Photo courtesy of Grav Weldon, taken from the forthcoming Arkansas Pie book.  Look for our upcoming Thanksgiving Antique Eats post, which will feature seasonal recipes from new American Palate books.


Yeehaw! We really enjoyed attending this year’s Texas Book Festival.

And we’re happy to say that you can stop holding your breath…because the pictures are finally posted. View them here.

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