Free Book Friday: Historic Cape May

Free Book Friday: Historic Cape May

Happy Free Book Friday! Today’s giveaway, Historic Cape May, New Jersey: The Summer City by the Sea, comes from journalist and historian Emil R. Salvini. You can enter to win by commenting on this post by Sunday, December 9 (12:oo a.m., EST)! The winners (picked by the robots at will be announced Monday morning. Oh, that’s right, we said winners. We’re giving away five books this time instead of one! #ChristmasSpirit

About the book:

Cape May began as Cape May Island, where families journeyed to enjoy wide white beaches and gentle surf during the early nineteenth century. With the advent of steamships and railroads, the quiet village soon became America’s first seaside resort town.

One nineteenth-century traveling reporter raved over the medical benefits of Cape May’s resorts:

“I have never visited a watering-place where relief was more generally obtained by invalids. Some of my fellow passengers coming down, who were sick, drooping and with no appetite, suffering under various complaints, are now as healthy, brisk and hungry as any here. In short, all are invigorated and at ease. Even hypochondriacs forget their ailments in the general and genial reign of Hygeia.”

Vacationers disembark from steamer, circa 1859. The steamship landing was located at the terminal of present-day Sunset Boulevard near Cape May Point. Contemporary reports describe hundreds of wagons and carriages awaiting arrival of steamer on a typical summer day. Cape May County Historical Society.

The West Jersey Railroad constructed the Stockton Hotel in 1869 at a cost of more than $300,000. The city of Cape Island altered its charter and became the city of Cape May during the same year. The mammoth Stockton could accommodate more than 475 guests. Helenclare Leary.

Summer “loiterers” await the arrival of the luxury steamer Republic. The popular steamboat operated from 1878 to 1903 and provided round-trip transportation between Philadelphia and Cape May for one dollar. Cape May County Historical Society.

Despite its charm and elegance, visitors slowed in the 1880s, as a series of mysterious fires claimed some of its most beloved structures…

The famous Cape May strand proved to be the savior of the troubled resort after the 1878 fire. None of Cape May’s competitors could offer the public the gentle sloping floor of beautiful white sand that had made Cape May famous. Cape May County Historical Society; H. Gerald MacDonald.

But as the twentieth century dawned, Cape May’s failure to modernize ultimately became its salvation. By the 1960s, visitors were once again flocking to this seaside destination to enjoy its quaint Victorian charm.

Early twentieth-century image of the Cape May boardwalk and a turn-of-the-century muscleman attempting unsuccessfully to capture the ladies’ attention. The Lafayette Hotel is pictured on the left, and the trolley tracks are on the right. The lighted arches extended the entire length of the boardwalk until the early 1920s. H. Gerald MacDonald.

In Historic Cape May, New Jersey, readers will experience the elegant Chalfonte Hotel, stately Congress Hall and the classic Cape May Boardwalk with local historian Emil Salvini. Join Salvini as he culls from over twenty years of research and stunning historic images to commemorate Cape May’s place in New Jersey history.

“Those who want a detailed history of Cape May, illustrated with archival photographs can invest…in Emil R. Salvini’s Summer City by the Sea.” –New York Times
Read today’s FREE excerpt. Be sure to comment for your chance to win! [issuu width=550 height=413 embedBackground=%2327c0bf printButtonEnabled=false backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=121205150531-8d7f5a1b578b445a89af8de96fae7f03 name=9099-capemay_issuu username=historypressusa tag=beach unit=px v=2]

About the author:

Emil R. Salvini served two terms as a member of the Cape May City Preservation Commission and is a life member of the Cape May County Historical Society. He is the author of Hobey Baker, American Legend—honored by the New Jersey Council for the Humanities—and the acclaimed Boardwalk Memories: Tales of the Jersey Shore and Jersey Shore: Vintage Images of Bygone Days. This versatile historian is both a careful scholar and an excellent storyteller. He created and hosts the popular PBS series Tales of the Jersey Shore. A graduate of William Paterson University and Harvard University, he lives with his wife in Wayne, New Jersey, and together they stroll the boardwalks as often as possible.


  1. Emil, having grown up on Long Beach Island, I always enjoy historical books about the Jersey Shore. Thank you for the excerpt of Historical Cape May—especially the photographs! I collect historical postcards so I love your posts of bygone days at the Shore and eagerly await each episode of Tales of the Jersey Shore. Thank you for keeping these memories alive!

  2. It sounds like a great book. I remember my Great Aunt May and her blue hair friends bobbing in the ocean in the 1950’s. I went back this summer and was glad it still retains most of its charm. Can’t wait to read it.

  3. avatar Terri Rinko says:

    I loved the book so far and would love to win it to read more! Please enter me in the drawing.

  4. avatar Mrs. Jennifer Lyn Formean says:

    Looking forward to reading the rest of it!~ I especially love the old pictures….. they bring it all together in your mind. Can practically smell the Ocean and taste the salt water taffy. Would love to end up with this book….then pass it onto my Mom, who also grew up in Jersey. Family of Jersey girls over here :)

  5. avatar Terri Verrone says:

    Looks like a great book. I love Cape May and all of its history. Looking forward to reading the whole book and seeing all of the old pictures.

  6. Love the photos that go along with the read.

  7. avatar Teri Tighe says:

    The Jersey Shore…the best places on earth!

  8. avatar Tom Petzold says:

    Always have loved Emil’s books.

  9. avatar Janice Buffalow says:

    Love reading about NJ history especially the shore region and Cape May. Thank you for your work! Thank you!

  10. Mr. Salvini is an amazing storyteller of the historical accounts of our beloved Jersey Shore. His book is beautifully written and the photographs come to life with his words. Thank you for keeping our memories alive!

  11. Can’t wait to read more. Thank you for focusing on this special place we love!

  12. avatar jack boyle says:

    Love the old pictures and the bygone era they represent.

  13. Hi Emil,
    I enjoyed reading the except. I love any information on Cape May – it’s our favorite destination!
    Thanks for writing it!

  14. avatar Lori Clayton says:

    Love the pictures!! I started researching my family tree 2 years ago. It has awakened a passion in me for history. Especially for my hometown (Brick/Toms River). Anyone of your books would be cherished and undoubtly read over and over.

  15. Several years ago, I programmed and hosted a weekend classical music show on a Cape May radio station, and we performed in concert and taught some of our American History Thru Music ™ classes in Cape May. So I do have a soft spot for the area…and its history!

  16. avatar Joanne Noyd says:

    i love reading books about the jersey shore my dad was born and raaised in point pleasamt his dad owned a bar there we vacationed every summer there when i was little i then bought my six children there now they bring there children there great places to visit and many stories to tell love to learn all i can on the diffrent tales from jersey shore

  17. avatar susan spina says:

    As a child growing up with asthma,my family Dr recommended going to Cape May to breath in the air,he believed in the healing powers,that started my love for Cape May.I look forward to read more of the stories you have to tell about this beautiful Victorian town.

  18. Cape May holds a special place in my heart. I have a number of other books about Cape May and this would be another great, well-researched addition!

  19. avatar Jenn Moran says:

    I love Cape May..I can relate to the part about the sick passengers who after arriving felt better..I’m chronically ill w/severe lung problems once I go down to Cape May all my problems seem to go away..can’t wait to read more!

  20. I have been to Cape May many times…it is beautiful. I loved Cape May! Looking forward to reading the book of Cape May.
    Thank you!

  21. avatar Lynda Nowik says:

    I would love to add this book to my collection of Jersey Shore history books!

  22. avatar Linda Dougherty says:

    As a lifelong visitor to Cape May, I have a keen interest in its history and own many books on the subject. Emil Salvini’s new book, “Historic Cape May,” looks to be one that I’ll love to have on my bookshelf.

  23. avatar Linda Hartsough says:

    The Jersey shore is absolutely my favorite place to be on earth. We enjoy Cape May all year. Love reading historic tales written about this lovely town! The pictures are a bonus. Would love to be a lucky winner. Thank you for the opportunity to sample read.

  24. avatar Nancy James says:

    This looks like another terrific book! I’m anxious to see more of it. I’ve always been fascinated by Cape May and its rich history.

  25. My husband and I visited Cape May for the first time a year ago and we were totally entranced with the place. I have written and compiled information for two history books on our village and have become well-acquainted with architecture. We noticed so many similarities between Cape May’s buildings and houses to ours in a small village in mid-Michigan — we were both surprised. I would love to win this book and read more about this town. :)

  26. avatar stephen milkewicz says:

    New Jersey history about the Jersey shore! Always a great read.

  27. avatar sara natali says:

    I have become accquainted with your work only by what is posted on Facebook, but have enjoyed everything you post and have planned to order your books “someday”–the main problem with being old is procrastination!! The opportunity to comment on the chapter is something to take advantage of, just to let you know that you have renewed my fascination with the New Jersey Shore and it’s history. I came to live in New Jersey in 1957, and with my family enjoyed many aspects of the Shore, but as an “expat”” didn’t know the history of much of what we experienced. After living there for 17 years, we moved away, and until I began to follow you on Facebook, was not aware of the knowledge and wonderful pictures you are making available. Thank you for what you do.

  28. Love reading about the Jersey shore history

  29. avatar Jude Decker says:

    This looks like a beautiful and informative book. I would love to have a copy of it for my library.

  30. Loved the pictures. Makes you really appreciate the Jersey Shore even more and more mournful for what has been lost. By Memorial Day you can hopefully start collecting new memories for a new book!

  31. Thanks for preserving the memories of the Jersey Shore for all to enjoy.

  32. I grew up in Margate and even while I have lived all over the country (presently in Western Colorado) I am still a Shore’bie’… Even have a ‘Welcome to The Jersey Shore’ mat outside my front door and a Lucy stuffed elephant in my office. I love ‘Da Shore’ and always enjoy reading about the past.

  33. I grew up in Northern NJ, Lake Hiawatha, and spent summers down the shore. I did not go as far south as Cape May until I was older. I fell in love with Cape May the moment I drove past all the Victorian homes. I would love to learn more about the history of the Cape so I can pass this on to my children and grandchildren. I enjoy all the information you supply us with on your site: “Tales of the Jersey Shore”. Reading the exerts from the book makes me want to read more. Good luck to everyone in the contest and I especially hope I can win a free book as well. Thank you for having this contest and for being so informative.

  34. Very interesting book, I love the history of the jersey shore and the changes each specific area has gone through.

  35. We go to Cape May every year! Love it!
    remember: a rainy day in Cape May is still better than than a sunny day ANYWHERE else!

  36. What a wonderful idea for a book. As we’ve all mixed and migrated across the country over the past 50 years, I’ve met many people with fond memories of the Jersey shore. I hope to visit one day. And, I hope to win a copy of the book.

  37. avatar Melissa Sands Boveroux says:

    I have great memories of vacations with family all along the Jersey shore from Avalon through Cape May Point. I also still shy away from roller coasters. I’d much prefer the bird sanctuary at this stage. I’m enjoying your notes on facebook.

  38. Recently discovered this jewel of the east coast and immediately fell passionately in love! My only bucket list item is to move to this beautiful oasis in the very near future. I’m so loving learning its magnificant history. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  39. avatar Sherry Truxell says:

    Love N.J. history. My family has been here since the 1600s. This book would be a lovely addition to my collection.

  40. avatar Joe Vanderhoof says:

    I grew up in Ventnor, NJ and visited Cape May many, many times with my family and later as an adult. I have always loved the old buildings and the feelings of going back in time that the town projects. I very much enjoyed the excert from the book, when you visit a place you see the place, but never know the full history. Please include me in your book drawing.

  41. avatar Mariann Yeager says:

    Living in Cape May Co. And spending a lot of time in the City of Cape May, I love reading about the history of the City and would love to read this book.

  42. avatar Sally McCombs says:

    I’ve never visited Cape May, but I am fascinated by the Gilded Age and the people and places of the time. (Actually, I recently picked up a book about Jekyll Island in Georgia about this time period and look forward to reading it.) It is interesting to read about places as they were then and as they are now. Please enter me in this drawing.

  43. avatar Russell Schmehl says:

    Spent summers growing up on Jersey Shore. LBI and Seaside Heights. Would love to win a copy of book.

  44. avatar Patti Rose says:

    Hi Emil! I would love to own a copy of this book! I love your stories and pictures. I was raised in Pleasantville, and have been in Florida for 32 years now, but, by far some of my best memories are of Cape May where my parents would take us to watch the ferry boats and to collect “diamonds” on the beach while gazing at the concrete ship. I love the ambiance and history of the old homes and salty air of Cape May. Thanks for sharing all this with me.

  45. avatar Katie Johnson says:

    I really enjoy New Jersey history. Please enter me in the drawing.

  46. I’ve been vacationing at Cape May so long, I can remember when all of the wonderful Victorian buildings – like the Abbey – were still painted white! Cape May is our Brigadoon and it would be wonderful to win a copy of the book. Thank you!

  47. Wow! 69 comments before mine. I better find a lucky rabbit’s foot to help me in the drawing for this book.

    In all seriousness, every American should be grateful that the people of Cape May decided to preserve their great Victorian architecture at a time when so many other areas of the country were seeing the wholescale demolition of their Victorian landscapes.

  48. avatar Pam Williams says:

    Love it! Hope I’m a lucky winner!!!

  49. avatar Paula Thomason says:

    What vibrant recollections of past gone days! I recall it being the Sept. destination spot for many of my elderly neighbors every year. I played with the Acme Accordion School one year at the gazebo. I’ll never forget it!

  50. What a beautiful city! As a forever New Jerseyan, I enjoy reading stories of NJ’s past, especially stories about the shore areas. Looking forward to the rebuilding of all of our wonderful NJ shore areas. Great to meet you – thanks for writing this book! – Leslie :))

  51. avatar John Van Houten says:

    Have seen quite a bit of Emil’s work, he’s a very talented man. Would consider it a privilege to own a copy of this book. Thanks

  52. avatar Jon Blitzer says:

    Two of my favorite things: historic photographs and the Jersey Shore! This looks absolutely fantastic and my hope is that this will become part of an ongoing series focusing on towns up and down the coastline. Would love to see a book like this about Asbury Park!

  53. i look forward to displaying this book in my library. i can see that it will live up to expectations. thanks for the great work. ron

  54. avatar Jody Kent says:

    I remember as a child, the times spend on the Jersey Shore. They were some of the best memories of my childhood. It makes my heart sad that my own kids will never get a chance to make the same memories.

  55. avatar tom mc intyre says:

    always loved cape may. we gad a summer home in longport but even as a teen, we used to hitchhike to cape may

  56. avatar Robin Montresor says:

    As always, Emil peeks your interest with this book about Cape May….this exert sure has made me want to purchase it to join my collection of Emil’s books. Well done once again! Just can’t get enough of our Jersey Shore roots!

  57. I enjoy not only going to the Jersey shore, but reading Emil’s Tales of the New Jersey Shore online. We used to vacation there when I was a child, and Emil’s writings have brought back wonderful memories, in addition to probiding very interesting photos and prose.

  58. Thank you for sharing such marvelous information and photos about my beloved New Jersey Shore!

  59. avatar Nancy Dietel says:

    I love Emil’s photos and knowledge of Cape May and other parts of the Jersey shore. He is keeping NJ history alive and real for all of us native to NJ. We are not the joke of the country, our state is rich and beautiful and the Jersey Shore is and always will be our crown. I have no doubt that we will recover from the awful tragedy of Hurricane Sandy.

  60. avatar Susan Ditmire says:

    I love the stories of the regular people, not just the historic events that you alwayss include in your books.

  61. avatar Mary Beth says:

    We honeymooned in Cape May back in the 80’s (Queen Victoria), and continue my family tradition of summers at Beach Haven. I love books about the Jersey shore, and can’t wait to read more of this one!

  62. This excerpt was a fabulous reminder of my summers on the Jersey shore. I would’ve to read more. Please place me in the drawing.

  63. avatar peter gladue says:

    I would like to win this for my mom, My parents spent a lot of time in Stone Harbor and would like to read about Cape May

  64. avatar Paul L. Eichlin says:

    Well they say you learn something new every day and I sure did just reading the first chapter. I was kind of surprised to hear of the medical benefits that people attained back then. The ocean and shore area is very relaxing which would promote healing along with psychosomatic illnesses. The mind does control the body so I would say this would work. The good times and the memories and maybe too the medical benefits are the reasons so many people have an obsession for Cape May and the Jersey Shore. It looks like a very good book with a lot of effort put into it and I’m sure many people will benefit from reading it now and also in the years to come!

  65. Great pictures, interesting first chapter. My summer childhood memories are all of the Jersey shore; Seaside Park, Mallard Point, etc. Had an aunt in AC and drove down many Sundays with the grandparents to visit; the boardwalk, Steel Pier, Capt. Starns, the list goes on…..
    As an adult took my children to Point Pleasant and LBI every summer. Kohr’s rules! And many birthdays and anniversaries celebrated in Cape May.
    In between memories are crabbing in Barneget Bay and conventions in Asbury Park and Atlantic City.
    Whether I win it or buy it, am definitely looking forward to continued reading!
    Great job.

  66. I love Cape May from its bistros to it’s beaches…we’ve kayaked all the way around it and have strolled it streets in all seasons….thank you for writing this book.

  67. avatar Mary Beth Batty says:

    This book sound very interesting. I visit Cape May at least twice a year. I live in Northern New Jersey but have spend most summers of my life at the Jersey Shore. I believe that salt water runs thru my veins!!! I love nothing more than to visit…..the opportunity to take amazing pictures is there no matter what time of year it is!!

  68. avatar Laura Simurda says:

    Thanks so much for the free preview of this book. I am a great fan of Emil’s work and follow his blog, posts on Facebook and his documentaries on NJB- TV. It would be a honor to win one of his books.

  69. avatar Joan Anton says:

    Cape May and any of the Jersey Shore points still make me feel healthy and hungry! My mother always said, “It’s the sea air!”. Emil, love your books and your documentaries on the Jersey Shore. So thankful that Cape May escaped much of the damage of Sandy. Can’t wait to read the rest of this book! Thanks!

  70. avatar Sue Desmond says:

    The book looks really interesting! I would love to be able to get a free copy. Looking forward to getting a few more of Emil’s books also.

  71. Emil, it is great that you capture the rich and wonderful history of our Jersey Shore. Cape May is a magical place… I look forward to your book… whether free or otherwise. thanks!!! stephen

  72. I really enjoy Cape May and would love to read this book. The pictures are great!
    Thanks for the chance.

  73. avatar Nadine Hemy says:

    Love the excerpt! Can’t wait to read the rest. I love looking at the old pictures too.

  74. Hi Emil, I love the episodes of Tales of the Jersey Shore. I have moved from North Jersey to upstate NY, so I don’t get down the shore as often as I would like, but I find much comfort and fond memories from your FB posts, the videos on NJTV and whatever books I can find. I would love to have a copy of your book.
    Thanks for the memories!

  75. I have always been a “shore” person but never thought much of the history till recently…I love to learn all I can and this book would be a great start…..Keep up the great work!

  76. I would love to win this book……being from Seaside Heights/Park, I like studying the history of the Jersey Shore !!!!

  77. avatar Jessica Murphy says:

    This sounds like a very interesting book! My husband and I spent several days in Cape May this past spring and loved it. Then we visited again in June! I would love to read the history of this beautiful shore town!

  78. avatar Sue Ann Fitzpatrick says:

    I love the Tails of the Jersey Shore, I grew up at the Jersey Shore and love reading the history and seeing the pictures. It is even more important now after Sandy to keep the memories. You can take the girl out of Jersey but you can’t take the Jersey Shore out of the girl.

  79. In the 50’s my family vacationed in Avalon every summer and the “highlight” of our stay was several visits to Cape May. Mom and Dad would remark that it was a bit run-down but to a little girl – it was magical. As time went by I witnessed Cape May’s “return to glory.” It is a New Jersey TREASURE . . . a national treasure. There is no place quite like it . . . the sea, the victorian age captured, and history preserved – not replaced. New Jersey history is my passion, my family arriving in Middletown in the late 1600’s. Having this book to add to my collection of NJ history would be an honor . . . and signed by Emil, Awesome.

  80. avatar Kim D'Angelo says:

    LOVE your FB page! Keep posting the pictures!

  81. Fantastic! Love the pictures!

  82. avatar Maureen Roeland says:

    You can take the girl out of New Jersey (and put her in north Gergia), but you can’t take the Jersey out of the girl! I would love to read your book about my favorite place on earth!

  83. avatar tracy weiss says:

    My partner and I have been visiting Cape May for nearly 20 years. We fell in love with it on our first visit. It has become our “home away from home”. We live 4 hours away, so any chance to keep Cape May close to our hearts when we can’t be there is wonderful. We subscribe to Cape May magazine and follow and CapeMayCountyHerald. I purchase any/all books I can find, and hope to win a copy of this latest treasure.

  84. avatar stephen milkewicz says:

    I love history and the shore!

  85. avatar Marion Procopion Price says:

    I was born in Connecticut, but fell in love with Sea Bright & the Highlands where I lived for 15 yr. Life took me to Texas… been here close to 20 yr & still miss my Jersey “home” every day. I look forward to your writing style & photos which always manage to bridge the homesick gap for me.

    Your new Cape May book appears to be a delightful & thoroughly researched historical documentation of a favorite place of mine. Looking forward to more. Thanks, Emil.


  86. The book looks like a great read. “Queen of the Seaside Resorts” Cape May certainly has earned that title !

  87. I would love to win a copy of this book as a Christmas present for my mom. She lives on Bank St. and loves history and architecture.

  88. avatar Jane Potts says:

    That looks like a great book! We go to Cape May every summer. My favorite vacation!

  89. Would love to read the book. I am a Jersey Girl and proud of it.

  90. avatar pat estavanik says:

    well written…love the pictures. Excellent that you were able to add Hurricane Sandy, The Cape certainly was lucky.

  91. As a re-located Jersey girl, I am looking forward to reading the whole book

  92. avatar Jackie Ferri says:

    I’ve been going to Cape May with my grandparents since I was a little girl. Looks like a great book. I would love to read it. Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks!

  93. avatar Janet Calp says:

    Since I moved away, I haven’t had a chance to go ‘down the shore’ in a while. Your book brings back a lot of good memories along with an interesting history of a wonderful town. I can’t wait to read it. Thanks for keeping the Jersey short alive for those of us who had to leave the state, even though it will always remain in our hearts.

  94. I can’t get enough history of the Jersey Shore. Thank you for sharing this beautifully written chapter. It would be wonderful to win this book. Best wishes to all!

  95. avatar Susan Piagesi says:

    I hope I win a copy of this book! The chapter made me want to read more. Great photos – another set of pages within those photos! Thank you.

  96. avatar Priscilla Peters says:

    Cape May is one of my favorite towns in N.J.,and Emil’s books are awesome.

  97. dear emil,
    you have worked tirelessly to give us all such joyous memories.
    having gone “down the shore” every summer as a jersey girl living in more northern new jersey, your photos, essays, videos keep the GREAT memories alive for us.
    and, it would be an honor to win the book!

  98. avatar Roseann K. says:

    Cape May is another wonderful New Jersey get-away! The beaches are beautiful as well as the quaint town with its Bed and Breakfasts! We love it there!

  99. avatar Peg Scullion says:

    Hi Emil, I am very anxious to read your book. We have vacationed in Cape May for 50 years and have seen the changes gradually occur in this town. When we were first there, all the home were white with either green or black shutters. No one wanted to buy those huge “white elephants” because it was a fortune to paint and take care or them. You could buy one then for probably $8,000 – $10,000. Many houses were deserted and vacant. Then gradually, the change began to occur. The first home to be painted beautiful colors was the talk of the town. Then other houses began to creep into the updated colors until we have the beautiful town of Cape May today. The change has been extraordinary.

  100. avatar Joyce Bakker says:

    We love visiting Cape May! The history behind the town is fascinating. We have vacationed there many times, staying in several of the wonderfully maintained B&B’s, and even before Congress Hall was lovingly restored to it’s former grandeur and reopened. Christmas time is the best season of all, the town is especially enchanting with all the holiday decorations!

  101. Emil, I really enjoyed reading the excerpt you supplied. My husband and I are veracious book readers, specifically enjoying anything related to the real history of an area. We live in Monmouth County and have read up on the history regarding our specific location and have been surprised to find out how much history you don’t know about an area until you seek it out. I look forward to reading your book and exploring all the wonderful nooks and crannies that make Cape May a truly unique place.

  102. avatar Lisa Graham says:

    Hi Emil-
    I just received 2 of your books I ordered for my 20 year old son TJ who is an education/history majot at Monmouth University. We are a shore family. My parents live in Ortley Beach, on the property that my grandfather, a bricklayer built his house there over 60 years ago. Cape May is mine and my husband’s yearly July Anniversary get-away. We Love The Inn at Cape May! I sure would love to read a copy of this book!

  103. As a Cape May County native I truly enjoyed the little bit I read. I can’t wait until I can finish the book. Excellent work!

  104. I enjoy your facebook postings and love the excerpts of your book. I grew up in NJ and moved to WA 10 yrs ago. I do miss the Jersey shore and especially loved being in Cape May. Have a great Holiday season!

  105. avatar Kathi May Barrett says:

    Great book! I grew up in Manasquan and last Christmas gave my two brothers one of your books. My maiden name is May and somehow my family has something to do with Cape May so its always been special to us. Love your FB page too! Thanx for the memories!

  106. I stopped by Cold Spring Village today to stock up on penny candy, which my grandmother taught me to love. She’d take me there and point out all the things she remembered her grandmother having when she was a little girl… the handmade baskets, the books, the old-style brooms…and we’d stock up on all her favorite sweets. My grandmother grew up in Cape May in the 20s and 30s, and her grandparents were true victorians from Cape May. I have a lot of ties to local history, mostly sentimental and emotional, but all handed down from my grandmother. I’d love to win the book for Christmas – I can say in me you’ll have an enthusiastic reader to say the least. Thanks for the opportunity, and much love this holiday season :) Keep the love of local history going!

  107. avatar Patti Carew says:

    As a born & raised north jersey girl, I grew up going to the northern shore from Belmar to LBI. But being a big history buff, Cape May has always fascinated me. Had a wonderful vacation there about 20 years ago with my family.

  108. avatar Peg Maries says:

    I sent a post this morning but still haven’t seen it :(

  109. avatar Jocelyn Thomas says:

    This book will make an excellent Christmas gift for shore lovers and NJ residents in general. Emil, I like the way you’ve been able to quickly incorporate information about “Superstorm Sandy.”

    Back in ’95, I had the honor of collaborating with you on the first edition of this book. I’m so glad you have a new edition out and that you now have social media available to publicize the book and and your love/knowledge of New Jersey Shore history.

  110. I have ordered 2 of your books for Christmas presents but I do not want to part with them. I would love to have a copy of your Cape May Historical Book. I will always remember our many summer vacations at the Jersey Shore when I was a little girl , but I have never visited Cape May during the off season. You have convinced me it is time to take my new camera and capture the splendor of the beautiful Victorian Homes. You are an amazing historian of my favorite subject.

  111. This would be a great addition to my bookshelf! Even if I don’t win, I think I may just have to get it! I went on vacation there this past summer for the first time and fell in love with the town.

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