Free Book Friday: Mother’s Day Edition

Free Book Friday: Mother’s Day Edition

“My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.” —George Washington

Despite Anna Jarvis’ efforts to abolish the holiday she founded, this Sunday will mark 100 years since Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Mother’s Day a national holiday.

Mrs. Clarence Pace quilting with her children and mother-in-law at their home in Transylvania, East Carroll Parish, 1938. Photo via Marion Post Wolcott, Farm Security Administration, Library of Congress.

…and in honor of the occasion, we’re sponsoring another “Free Book Friday!”

Have a History Press book you’ve been itching to read? Still wondering what you’ll give your mother this holiday? Check out the giveaway below (and share throughout the weekend) for your chance to win one our bookish freebies!

A mother cares for her infant, c. 1940. Library of Congress.

How do you enter to win?

 Comment on this post by Sunday, May 11 (midnight) for your chance to win a free copy of any History Press book (YOUR choice). The drawing for first, second and third prizes will take place on Monday morning.

Please note that we’re highlighting a few new titles below if you need suggestions, but if you’d like to explore ALL of our new catalog, go to and click on the United States map (top, right corner) to browse local titles in your area.

Simply comment below with which book you’d like to win and we’ll enter your name into the hat. Good luck, and happy Mother’s Day!

48 comments on “Free Book Friday: Mother’s Day Edition

  1. avatarMarilyn Seguin on said:

    Portland food

  2. If I win I would like Memphis Barbecue please :)

  3. avatarMel on said:

    I’d love to get the book “The Austin Food Blogger Alliance Cookbook” !It would be the perfect gift for my mom this mother’s day.

  4. avatarLiz on said:

    So hard to pick! I’d have to go with Chicago Blues though.

  5. avatarRachel on said:

    Ohhh, they all look so good but there’s a couple I have my eye on! I would pick between “Lobster Rolls of New England” or “Lost Myrtle Beach.” Decisions, decisions!

  6. avatarMax Brockmeyer on said:

    I would love to win the “Lobster Rolls of New England!” I’m a huge Lobster Roll fan as well as a huge New England fan!

  7. avatarMary Ellen Schuetrumpf on said:

    “Lobster Rolls of New England”

  8. avatarRick Duverger on said:

    Lobster rolls of New England .
    A must read for the summer!!!

  9. avatarlisa mclaughlin on said:

    I’d like to win Lost Myrtle Beach, please! As a 45 year native of Myrtle Beach, I am intrigued!

  10. avatarChristine on said:

    Lobster Rolls of New England: Seeking Sweet Summer Delight is my choice because I think it will be a great book!

  11. avatarsooz on said:

    So many cool choices! I think I’d pick Location Filming in AZ, but it’s a pretty tough decision to make.

  12. I would like Lost Myrtle Beach please but I then I think I’ll get Chicago Blues too.

  13. I think that #978-1-60949-024-9, The Islenos of Louisiana: On the Water’s Edge, would be a wonderful read and reference. I’d love to have a copy! Thanks for a chance at winning it–what a nice promotion and gesture for Mother’s Day. :)

  14. avatarLinda on said:

    Would love a copy of Lobster Rolls. Always think of New England states when I hear “Lobster Rolls”

  15. avatarWanda Fiss on said:

    Country Stores of Mississippi

  16. avatarPeggy on said:

    I would love to win a copy of “Lost Myrtle Beach”. Becky and I grew up in the same small town in central Illinois. My son lives in Myrtle Beach now too.

  17. avatarBrandi smith on said:

    Should I be blessed by winning, I would love a copy of June Davidson’s Country Stores of Mississippi

  18. avatarGlenda Hurst on said:

    I would love to win Country Stores Of Mississippi a piece of the past that keeps it alive. <3

  19. I would love to have a copy of “Lost Myrtle Beach”

  20. avatarAmory Jewett on said:

    I have a keen interest in railroad history of the United States. Fred Harvey and his Harvey House Restaurants and Hotels were a real part of this history. Harvey Houses of Texas is my choice. Thank you.

  21. avatarDebra Smrchek on said:

    Since I have retired to the Myrtle Beach South Carolina area, I have become very interested in the in the history of the area and the changes and events that have taken place here over the years. The book I would like to have is “Lost Myrtle Beach” by Becky Billingsley.

  22. avatarJanice on said:

    I would love to have Country Stores of Mississippi.
    Thanks! :-)

  23. avatarMichelle Householder on said:

    I’m so excited to read Becky Billingsley ‘ s new book, “Lost Myrtle Beach”. That’s the one I want to win!

  24. avatarMyles Schrag on said:

    Location Filming in Arizona. That will make for some great day trips for the family!

  25. Oh my, what a difficult choice!!! But I’d love to win Country Stores of Mississippi!

  26. avatarJoyce Hann on said:

    I don’t imagine lightning will strike twice, but if so… Chicago Blues.

    My comment is to note that the lady in the picture has completely surrendered her born identify and is “Mrs. Clarence Pace.” Etiquette mavens still indicate that as a proper form of address, but it is a disservice to women. What was her given name? What was her born surname? Other countries and cultures are kinder in preserving the maternal line in names. My mother is Shirley Mae Krawchyk, later divorced and later widowed. God bless her.

  27. avatarTrish on said:

    I would love a copy of Lost Myrtle Beach!!

  28. avatarEric Weiss on said:

    I’d like a copy of the ‘Lost Myrtle Beach’ book by Becky Billingsly.

  29. avatarAnne on said:

    Portland Food: The Culinary Capital of Maine

  30. Portland Food, please!

  31. I’d love to win Louisville’s Southern Exposition. Thanks for offering this opportunity!

  32. lost in Myrtle beach, Please

  33. avatarDebra Smrchek on said:

    I would like to have a copy of “Lost in Myrtle Beach” by Becky Billingsley.
    I have written two requests which appeared under request #4 but they both disappeared. Is there a problem with the website?

  34. avatarLee Farrington on said:

    We learn the greatest lessons in life from our Mother’s…and now that I am a Mother, I realize the difficulty in having the job..ha!
    If I won the book, I would love to receive the Culinary History of Kentucky, as that is where I am from.

  35. I’d like “Lost Myrtle Beach” by Becky Billingsley please. Thank you.

  36. avatarJoyce on said:

    I’d like. Lost Myrtle Beach

  37. avatartricia lanum on said:

    i would like a copy of your next book, “lost Myrtle Beach”!!

  38. avatarBonnie on said:

    As an avid reader, and someone who spends about half the year in Myrtle Beach, I would love a copy of Lost Myrtle Beach.

  39. Mississippi Folk and the Tales They Tell (just one of many that sound fabulous).

  40. avatarMimi on said:

    Harvey Houses of Texas

  41. Happy Mother’s Day. I love that quilting picture. If I win, I’d like Harvey Houses of Texas book.

  42. avatarCarl on said:

    Happy Mother’s Day to all at The History Press, and their Moms, Grandmas, Wives, Daughters, and Sisters. Have a wonderful day ladies! After and exhaustive search I’ve picked The Fish and the Falcon: Gloucester’s Resolute Role in America’s Fight for Freedom by William H. Garland Jr. A great-looking book about the founding of America. Thanks.

  43. As a lighthouse buff, I’d love to win Delaware Lights.
    Thanks for the contest!

  44. avatarDeborah Curran on said:

    Landmarks & Historic Sites of Long Island sounds like something we would truly enjoy – while living here I’m sure that there are many historic sites I haven’t seen yet Would love to read it. thanks

  45. avatarlinda on said:

    Underground Railroad in New York

  46. I would like Fading Ads of St. Louis

  47. avatarSusan Peterson on said:

    Lobster Rolls of New England

  48. avatarHistory Press on said:

    Congrats to the winners of Free Book Friday! Thanks to everyone who participated and please come back for our big Father’s Day giveaway on June 13th!

    Winners this time around (picked by the robots at were:
    comment #8 – Rick D. – Lobster Rolls
    comment #21 – Debra S. – Lost Myrtle Beach
    comment #30 – Rob S. – Portland, ME Food

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