Free Book Friday: Father’s Day Edition

Free Book Friday: Father’s Day Edition

“One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.” -George Herbert

Happy Father’s Day weekend! We’re bringing back Free Book Friday for this special occasion, but with a twist.

…all History Press books are fair game. You can enter to win ANY book you want.

Here are the rules:

Step 1. Comment below with the book you want to win. Feel free to add any memories about how your dad contributed to the history of your own life (optional), or why your dad might enjoy the book you want to win.
Step 2. Share this giveaway – via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, blogging, etc. We’ll give you a bonus entry if you do. Be sure to comment and share by the end of Father’s Day (midnight on June 15) for your entry to count.
Step 3. Check back on Monday to see if you won! We’re giving away three books to three lucky winners!

Please note that we’re highlighting a few new titles below if you need suggestions, but if you’d like to explore ALL of our new catalog, go to and click on the United States map (top, right corner) to browse local titles in your area.

Good luck, and happy Father’s Day!


  1. avatar Tom Bodall says:

    I’d love to win “Boston and the Civil War: Hub of the Second Revolution”. That sounds fascinating! My father instilled my love of history by taking our family on the weekend to historic sites throughout New Jersey and when we went on vacations.

  2. avatar Bobbi Cook says:

    I would love to win, Puget Sound Whales for Sale: The Fight to End Orca Hunting. I love educating myself and others more about Orcas. (Killer Whale is a bad word in this house). Empty the tanks!!!!!

  3. Puget Sound Whales for Sale: The Fight to End Orca Hunting. Can’t wait to read this book. My dad is on board with no orcas in captivity!

  4. avatar Kathy Tremblay says:

    I would really appreciate a copy of “Puget Sound Whales for Sale: The Fight to End Orca Hunting”. I grew up on the B.C. coast living in logging camps and later a fishing boat. I was an only child who developed a strong love of the natural world around me. The Orca’s came by on a regular basis and to this day they are still among my favorites of natures creatures. I remember a late spring morning up in the Charlottes on the boat, there was a mist over the glassy calm water and we were perhaps 100 meters from shore. The birds on shore could be heard, but everything else was so very silent as my step-father and I sat on the deck drinking steaming hot tea. In the distance we could hear the breathes of the orcas that were heading our way, and we both turned in our seats focusing our attention away from the beach and waited. As they came close enough that we could see them through the mist it seemed as though the were just as pleased to see us as we were them. They slowed and checked us out from just a few feet away, with one spy-hopping and seeming to listen while my stepfather whistled a tune.
    I remain an advocate for stopping whale capture and hunting.

  5. avatar Maradel Gale says:

    My father was not a typical outdoorsman — he was an accountant. However, the natural world was so important to him, and he took his family tent camping way back when even the National Parks had only very primitive camp sites, and only for tents. He taught me to love and respect all animals, domestic and wild, and for that reason, I would like to win Puget Sound Whales for Sale.

  6. avatar Lorraine Doerr says:

    I would love to win Puget Sound Whales for Sale: The Fight To End Orca Hunting…My dad taught me to love all people…there is no better legacy than that!

  7. avatar Mike Imbriani says:

    I would like to win Boston Beer: A History of Brewing in the Hub. I love history, I love beer and I love being from Massachusetts. Seems to fit!

  8. Happy Father’s Day to all at THP! I’ve had my eye on one book for quite some time so I’ll try once again to win a copy. Please put my name in the draw for The Fish and the Falcon: Gloucester’s Resolute Role in America’s Fight for Freedom by Joseph E. Garland and William M., Jr. Fowler. My Dad was from the east coast and enjoyed the stories and history of the region his whole life. He would certainly have enjoyed this book. Have a great day!

  9. I also pinned a photo of one of your titles and a link to this post on Pinterest: Thanks again.

  10. I’d love to have “Wrigley Field: 100 Stories for 100 Years.” And not “maybe next year.” I’d like to have it THIS year!

  11. avatar Cathy DeSimone says:

    I would love to win “Lost Myrtle Beach”

  12. I’d really love to get a copy of the book, “Lost Myrtle Beach!” Thank you :)

  13. avatar Bushrod Uniontown Suggs IV says:

    I would like to win “Mark Twain in Washington, D.C.: The Adventures of a Capital Correspondent.” The author is a friend of mine and I think it will be a great read.

  14. avatar Pat O'Connor says:

    I would like to win “Whidbey Island. Reflections on People & the Land”

  15. avatar Scott Seb says:

    Puget Sound Whales for Sale: The Fight to End Orca Hunting

  16. I’d like to enter to win Mark Twain in Washington, D.C.: The Adventures of a Capital Correspondent.

    There’s an old claymation special, The Adventures of Mark Twain, that features Tom, Huck, and Becky alongside Samuel Clemens telling them all his different stories. My family watched it not because my dad was a huge fan of Twain, but because the clay Clemens on the cover looked so much like my dad.

    Suffice to say, my dad enjoyed the film, and he still enjoys the Twain comparison.

  17. avatar David Wallack says:

    I would like to receive a free copy of The 1924 Tornado in Lorain and Sandusky.

  18. avatar Steve Rice says:

    Would love a copy of that Civil War book. My Dad has been going to the games since he was a student in the 1950’s. He’s been to 2 Rose Bowls……he introduced me to the Beavers and I’ve bled Orange and Black since. I’ll never forget seeing the Giant Killers beat OJ Simpson in the mud at Parker Stadium 3-0 in ’67. Watching Civil War greats like Billy Main, Bobby Moore, Don Reynolds, Dan Fouts, Chris Miller, Ken Simonton and more………on this Fathers Day I would like nothing more to have the opportunity to put this book on my Dad’s table and one day, my table. Happy Fathers Day!

  19. avatar Kim Alexander says:

    Sandsablaze! Love Kim Gatto!

  20. avatar Scott Seb says:

    Shared via Twitter. Link to post:

  21. avatar Bobbie Mayer says:

    Puget Sound Whales for Sale, please!

  22. avatar History Press says:

    Hi all, the robots at selected our three winners: #1 – Tom B. – Boston CW, #4 – Kathy T. – Puget Sound Whales, #14 – Pat O. – Whidbey Island. Thanks for participating in our giveaway, and we hope you’ll come back for our next round!

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